Holy Technology Batman!

We live in a day in age where technology is constantly advancing.  Recently we have seen self-parking cars, lane departure warnings and automatic braking.  And now Ford has developed a system to literally jump potholes.  And this technology is ready to roll out this year!

Potholes are something we deal with almost every day we are driving.  It’s also something that is very dangerous on the road and can cause expensive damage to your vehicle.  Unless, you are Marty McFly or Doc Brown driving a DeLorean at 88 MPH, you know exactly what we mean.

So the Ford Motor Company has stepped up and is ready to bring the future to you right now.  The 2017 Ford Fusion V6 sport debuted at the Detroit Auto Show last month.  Ford stated the Fusion would come with dampers "that can detect potholes and automatically adjust the shocks to minimize impact ."  Ford has now gone on to show the world what this piece of technology can do both visually and in practice.  To say this technology is incredible…is an understatement.

This new high performance sedan has an active suspension system.  The system is programmed to know just when it will encounter a pothole.  The Fusion's adaptive dampers detect road conditions every two milliseconds.  When the system detects the edges of a pothole, it will automatically stiffen, just like we would brace for impact,  the particular wheel's damper to its stiffest setting.  This prevents the tire and wheel from falling into the pothole.  By the time the rear wheel hits the pothole, the suspension has already obtained more information on this hazard and intelligently is able to clear it even better than the front wheel and tire.

How big of a pothole can the Fusion avoid?  Unfortunately, Ford has not made this known at this time.  Ford did say that the speed the vehicle is traveling would play a role in the system’s ability to be effective.  

Ford has created, in the Fusion, an unprecedented piece of technology that will make hard impacts less painful for those riding in the vehicle and it will help reduce damage to the suspension, wheels and tires.  AAA released a report that showed that drivers spend $3 billion per year due to damages caused by a pothole.

The 2017 Ford Fusion V6 sport will be available this coming Summer, just in time for the travelers and vacationers.  

Ford Motor Company is bringing the future of technology to the world of today.  Having the ability to battle bumps and glide right over them will be incredible.  Who wants to go pothole hunting in their new Fusion V6 sport?

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